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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Clover, build instructions, and Cobertura
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 20:27:34 GMT
On Mon, 2012-09-17 at 14:24 -0400, Gary Gregory wrote:
> Hi All:
> I just tried to build the 4.2.2 RC but could not complete the build because
> I did not tell Maven where my Clover license is located (I do no have it on
> this PC). As an ASF member, I have access to one, and thank you for
> including that info in the BUILDING.txt file. So my sort term problem can
> be fixed because I am in the ASF.
> The first short term issue I have is that Clover usage should be documented
> in each project, not only in httpcomponents-asyncclient. That would be nice
> to add for 4.2.2/trunk.

Hi Gary

I think all HC artifacts should have a clover report for the latest
public release available at the project web site 


> The longer term issue is why use Clover as opposed to Cobertura which is
> plain FOSS? I wonder what this community's experience is in this department.
> Is Clover so much better? I've used it in the past and it works quite
> nicely as does Cobertura. Sadly, I am not sure Cobertura is actively
> maintained. Does anyone know?

Personally I am very familiar with Clover but have no experience using
Cobertura. I have been meaning to try it out for a long time but never
got around it. I keep on using Clover simply because it is available for
all ASF committers and most of the time it works quite well (well, sort
of, but the main trouble maker for me was always not Clover itself but
its Maven plugin)

> I have two concerns with Closer:
> (1) The licensing makes is harder for a non-ASF member to build and test.
> (2) We are not easting our own FOSS dog food. This is more nebulous issue
> and I do like being able to use best-of-breed solutions. So this last point
> is philosophical.

If you happen to have some bandwidth and inclination feel free to
migrate HC core or client trunk to Cobertura and see how that works out.
Cobertura does seem inactive right now but as long as it does the job
for us I would not be too worried.


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