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From "Asankha C. Perera" <asan...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [HttpCore] HttpCore 4.2 API freeze
Date Fri, 20 Jan 2012 21:17:04 GMT
Hi Oleg

Sorry for waking up on this so late..
> I have completed redesign of the async protocol handlers and am going to
> start working on the next release towards the end of the week.
> This may be the last chance to make major API changes to the protocol
> handlers. If no one comes forth with new ideas and feedback on the new
> API the next release is likely to be 4.2-BETA1.
As you may be aware, AdroitLogic is using the 4.1.x codebase in 
production at present, and the change to 4.2.x seems to require some 
changes in design and code which we have not yet started on. I'd love to 
move to the 4.2.x codebase, but my rough guess is that we will need 
about a month to  effectively update our code, and run a good round of 
load and performance testing, after our immediate next release.

However, I do not want to delay the 4.2-beta1 release, as I do not 
expect the new code to break anything, or for the API to be missing any 
existing features. I just wanted to communicate that we'd officially 
start our migration soon (early February), and would confirm the 
completion by end of February.
> PS: it would be nice if someone could also proof-read the tutorial.
Sure, I will get this done in the next week and send you any feed back


Asankha C. Perera
AdroitLogic, http://adroitlogic.org


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