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From Vasile Alin <alinachegal...@gmail.com>
Subject In-memory DNS resolver for HC
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2011 20:17:50 GMT

   I had some situations when working directly with http-client or JMeter in
restrictive environments, where I wasn't able to edit the local /etc/hosts
file for resolving some custom hostnames. Based on the HttpUnit solution
[1], I was thinking that would be great if httpclient can lookup a hostname
in a custom DNS Resolver, editable or programable in the Java environment,
and fall-back to the default system address resolver if this isn't found in
the first place. For example the above snippet will resolve the "
www.alin.com" hostname to the one of the Google IPs:

interface DnsResolver{

    InetAddress[] resolve(String hostname);


class InMemoryDnsResolverImpl implements DnsResolver{

   public  InetAddress[] resolve(final String hostname){
      try {
if ("www.alin.com".equals(hostname)) {
String ip = "";
String[] ipParts = ip.split("\\.");

byte[] byteIpAddress = new byte[4];
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
byteIpAddress[i] = Byte.parseByte(ipParts[i]);

return new InetAddress[] { InetAddress
.getByAddress(byteIpAddress) };
} else {
return null;
} catch (UnknownHostException e) {
                        // log exception
return null;


public class DefaultClientConnectionOperator implements
ClientConnectionOperator {


   private DnsResolver dnsResolver;


   protected InetAddress[] resolveHostname(final String host) throws
UnknownHostException {
       InetAddress[] resolvedAddress = null;

       if(dnResolver != null){
           resolvedAddress  = dnResolver.resolve(host);

          resolvedAddress   = InetAddress.getAllByName(host);

       return resolvedAddress;



   This functionality can be extended to get the IP addresses from a
properties file through an PropertyFileDnsResolverImpl and so on. What do
you think?


[1] http://httpunit.sourceforge.net/

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