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From Jon Moore <j...@apache.org>
Subject idle connections / connection reuse
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:55:42 GMT
Hi folks,

As a result of looking into the adaptive connection pools, I noticed
that the ConnPoolByRoute uses a queue to manage its open, reusable
connections, meaning the connections get used in a FIFO (round-robin)
fashion. One downside of this is that if the client currently has more
connections open than it really needs to keep up, it won't ever close

For example, suppose during a burst of activity, the client ends up
with 3 open connections, but then settles down to a steady-state of
executing 2 requests per second, where each request takes 1 second on
average. In theory, the client could be getting away with just using
two connections here, but because the 3 existing connections are used
in a round-robin fashion, none of them are ever reclaimed and closed
by the "close idle connections" mechanism.

I think if the ConnPoolByRoute simply used a stack (LIFO) instead of a
queue that any excess capacity in terms of open connections would
eventually get reclaimed. I'm going to prototype this quickly, but
wanted to see if anyone else had any feedback.


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