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From Michel Onoff <michel.on...@web.de>
Subject Are requests and responses self-contained?
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 18:10:01 GMT

consider the following code, which form some reason assumes that
requests have enclosing entities

// conn is a DefaultHttpServerConnection, for example
req1 = (HttpEntityEnclosingRequest) conn.receiveRequestHeader();

req2 = (HttpEntityEnclosingRequest) conn.receiveRequestHeader();

Can I later say req1.getRequestLine() or req1.getEntity(), even if in
the meantime I got req2 from the same connection?
In other words, are requests fully self-contained and totally
independent from the connection once both the header and the entity (if
existing) have been received?

Analogous question for responses and related entities...


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