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From "Campbell, Joseph" <Joseph_Campb...@Comcast.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] HttpComponents Client 4.1.1 release based on RC1
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2011 17:33:19 GMT
No.  My vote isn't binding anyway.  I just wanted to see if there was
traction to getting the Caching client changes in.

We'll catch the next train.  8-)

Thanks Sebastian.

The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm. The Builder is
inspired ‹ by changing the world.
     -- Umair Haque

Joe Campbell | one comcast center | philadelphia, pa 19103 | 215.286.5073

On 3/17/11 1:06 PM, "sebb" <sebbaz@gmail.com> wrote:

>On 17 March 2011 16:57, Campbell, Joseph <Joseph_Campbell@comcast.com>
>> -1
>> I know that Jon Moore has a bug fix for the HttpCaching client (I am not
>> sure he included it as yet) and there may be at least one other bug
>> locally that we have found that is small that would be nice to get in.
>There is a critical fix in this release - do we really want to hold up
>the release unless absolutely necessary?

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