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From matthew hawthorne <mhawtho...@gmail.com>
Subject "Benchmarking the HttpClient Caching Module" article
Date Fri, 03 Dec 2010 15:45:19 GMT

A few of us who work at Comcast Interactive Media and have contributed
to the HttpClient Caching module put together this article on some
recent benchmarking that we did:

To summarize, we ran 4 tests
1) No caching (to get baseline numbers)
2) Memcached backed HttpClient, bounded so that not all entries fit in cache
3) Memcached backed HttpClient, unbounded
4) Memcached backed HttpClient, using ketama consistent hashing,
killing 2 cache nodes (one at a time) during the test

The results were very good -- latency significantly decreased, and we
verified the failover behavior when using consistent hashing in

Is there interest in either:
1) Linking to this doc somewhere in the HttpClient wiki?
2) Reformatting and publishing the document as a part of the
HttpClient project docs?

We'd appreciate the feedback.



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