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From DELHOSTE Fabrice <Fabrice.DELHO...@gemalto.com>
Subject RE: HttpCore NIO & SSL behind proxy
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 14:04:10 GMT
Thanks Oleg and Asankha.

So, as you known, in httpclientasync, I changed the dispatcher to SSL and after the first
request (or a while), it gets stuck not publishing the next request.

After analyzing and comparing HTTP vs HTTPS logs, actually, I may have found my mistake. Changing
to SSL dispatcher seems not enough; I must also set the SSL session to the OP_WRITE event
in addition to the regular session (in HttpExchangeImpl.requestCompleted):

  private synchronized void requestCompleted(final ManagedIOSession session) {
    this.managedSession = session;
    IOSession iosession = session.getSession();
    iosession.setAttribute(InternalRequestExecutionHandler.HTTP_EXCHANGE, this);
    SSLIOSession sslsession = (SSLIOSession) iosession.getAttribute("SSL_SESSION");
    if (sslsession != null) {

I guess that comes probably from the way SSLIOSession decorates the iosession.

Am I right? Is it the correct way to do it?

FYI, to achieve SSL as well as HTTP in httpclientasync, I actually made InternalClientEventDispatch
a composite of DefaultClientIOEventDispatch and SSLClientIOEventDispatch, forwarding to the
right one depending on the scheme of the target host.


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From: Asankha Perera [mailto:asankha.apache@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Asankha C. Perera
Sent: vendredi 16 juillet 2010 21:57
To: HttpComponents Project
Subject: Re: HttpCore NIO & SSL behind proxy

Hi Fabrice
> Two things you should try:
> (1) reproducing the problem with a test case. HttpCore has a number of
> test cases for non-blocking SSL and you could use those as a starting
> point.
> (2) reproducing the problem with I/O session event logging on. This
> should help find out whether I/O interests are set correctly (write
> events suspended by mistake). Logging is simply indispensable when
> troubleshooting concurrency issues.
You could also try the "-Djavax.net.debug=all" system property, which 
may give you a hint if the cause is SSL specific


Asankha C. Perera
AdroitLogic, http://adroitlogic.org


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