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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [HttpCore]Real http server with httpcore
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 18:37:40 GMT
Andrea Selva wrote:
> Hi ML,
> is there anybody that use http-core as base for a http server?

Welcome back, Andrea!

There are several projects I am aware of that use HttpCore for their 
server side HTTP transport implementations: Apache Axis2, Apache 
Synapse, Limewire, Little Portal Gizmo. I am sure there must be others. 
While Synapse and Limewire represent some sort of a hybrid solution, 
Simple HTTP server of Axis2 and Little Portal Gizmo can be considered 
'real' HTTP servers. By hybrid I mean something that serves as both 
client and server.

I do believe HttpCore makes a reasonable platform for custom hybrid 
solutions like HTTP proxies, gateways, peer-to-peer agents. At the same 
time I doubt it can (should) compete with Jetty in the lightweight HTTP 
server space.

> I think the design of this libraries is very good, and create yet another
> http server could be good idea for two reason:
> 1) http-core is small, and a http server for embedded devices could take
> this advantage in size and performance. Android use http-core but doesn't
> have a usefull small web server.
> 2) the good device of http-core could influence also the design of this
> small server.
> With http-server i means a Servlet implementation.

Development of a servlet engine would be a _major_ undertaking. I am 
also not entirely convinced this world needs another servlet engine 
given how good Tomcat and Jetty are. However I am sure it would a fun 
project to work on. Another possibility for a fun project _might_ be 
taking a popular framework such as Wicket or Tapestry 5 that abstract 
away servlet API behind a higher level API and trying to put it on top 
of HttpCore.



>  Andrea Selva

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