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From saravanan <saran_3...@yahoo.com>
Subject Regarding HttpConnection's inputstream.readObject()
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 07:06:01 GMT


 We have a client, webserver and server based application(3 entities).
 We open ingress connection from server side using HttpConnection  objects with the webserver.
The ingress connection is used  to getRequest from the HttpConnection's inputStream(of Tomcat).
Tomcat will create socket object and does a relay  of request from Client to server and vice
 At server side For Ingress, we get InputStream of HttpConnection object and do a readObject()
for receiving request.
The inputStream we use is ObjectInputStream.readObj().

 The issue is when machine were webserver(Tomcat) is running gets  disconnected from network/network
cable is pulled out, we  dont receive any socketException or IOException in  ObjectInputStream.readObj().
Thus we are unable to  recognize  that Tomcat is down.

 Could you please assist me to resolve this.



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