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From sebb <seb...@gmail.com>
Subject AbstractConnPool - thread-safety issues
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 13:47:20 GMT
I'm still working my way through HC code trying to add the JCIP annotations.
[Useful for me, as I want to migrate JMeter to HC 4 at some point.]

I've found what appears to be a problem with AbstractConnPool - the
refQueue and refWorker fields are not always accessed with the pool
lock held.

This is quite tricky to follow currently - and tricky to prove at
run-time - as the variables are not private.

I'd like to make all the AbstractConnPool variables private, and add
protected accessors instead. This would allow one to add debug code to
check that the variables were only accessed when the correct lock was
held. Yes, it might be a bit slower, but concurrency issues are
extremely hard to track down so IMO it would be worth any extra

Likewise, the protected variables in ConnPoolByRoute could be made
private, and given protected getters.

Also, the design of enableConnectionGC() makes it harder to ensure
thread safety. Would it not be better to add a flag to the
constructor? The thread would still have to be started separately, but
it would be a lot easier to ensure thread safety. Perhaps
enableConnectionGC() could just check that the object was constructed
with the approriate flag and start the thread; this might simplify
code changes.

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