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From sebb <seb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [HttpCore] HttpCore 4.0 final release is imminent
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 00:03:25 GMT
On 01/02/2009, Oleg Kalnichevski <olegk@apache.org> wrote:
> Folks
>  I have finally completed documentation for HttpCore. You can find the
> preview of API docs here:
> http://people.apache.org/~olegk/httpcore-4.0-final/doc/site/apidocs/
>  The HttpCore tutorial can be found here:
>  [html]
> http://people.apache.org/~olegk/httpcore-4.0-final/doc/docbkx/html/
>  [pdf]
> http://people.apache.org/~olegk/httpcore-4.0-final/doc/docbkx/pdf/index.pdf

The documentation is very impressive. Very clear and appears to cover
pretty well everything.

It's particularly helpful that it documents which methods and classes
are intended to be thread-safe.

>  There have been virtually no major bugs found in HttpCore since the last
> release. We have had only two bug fixes in the past 4 months. I personally
> think there no longer any reason delaying the final release, especially
> given the fact there is now a complete API documentation.
>  Please review the documents and let me know what you think. Please feel
> free to point out areas that need more coverage. Any feedback, comment, or
> critique will be hugely appreciated. If I hear no major complaints about the
> quality of documentation I will start cutting the official release packages
> approximately in a week time.

I think there are some problems with the thread-safety of certain classes.
I have raised a JIRA for one such - and an e-mail for another, but it
seems to me that this needs looking at further.

The main problems are instance variables that are shared between
threads - unless these are final, volatile or synchronised, there is
no guarantee that what one thread writes to a field will ever be seen
by another thread. Or, maybe the other thread will see an updated
object reference but the object itself may be incompletely updated.

Some such problems may be easy to fix; others may not...

>  The same work needs to be done for HttpClient 4.0 at some point of time.
> The sooner the documentation for HttpClient is completed the sooner we can
> release the final 4.0 version. So, a helping hand would be very, very, very
> appreciated.

Sorry for the late stage at which this is raised - I've been meaning
to look at thread-safety for some time, but I was not entirely sure
which classes/methods were intended to be thread-safe.

>  Oleg
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