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From "Hubert, Eric" <Eric.Hub...@foxmobile.com>
Subject HttpClient 3.1.x and HttpClient 4.0 in same ClassLoader?
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 08:19:01 GMT
Hi devs,

from time to time I'm following the list and read a lot of posts where Oleg mentioned that
3.1 has entered a kind of end of life phase and all users are strongly encouraged to switch
to 4.0.
According to my understanding and as the major version change indicates 4.0 involves incompatible
API changes. In fact as far as I know it was a major rewrite.

The interesting question which obviously popped up was: How to update/migrate? I'm not worried
about our own code using HttpClient 3.1 API. We would need to invest some time to change our
code to make use of the new API and are done. I'm much more concerned about the great number
of third party libraries we are using depending on HttpClient 3.1, where we have no influence
on. So the next more or less obvious question is: Are the rewrites that "drastic" (also in
terms of package and class renaming) that HttpClient 3.1 and HttpClient 4.0 are two distinct
set of classes which can happily coexist in the same class loader?

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