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From Martin Zdila <m.zd...@mwaysolutions.com>
Subject Re: HttpClient 4, I/O exception and
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 09:30:51 GMT
> > SocketInputStream.socketRead0(FileDescriptor, byte[], int, int, int)
> > line: not available [native method] [local variables unavailable]
> The thread is blocked in the socket read operation. ´╗┐This is perfectly
> normal. If you do not want the operation to block indefinitely you
> should set a timeout for it.

But that read operation never ends even if the remote http server is normally 
responsive. And this occurs only when I see "I/O exception" in the logs = 
when the request is retried.

1. i don't think that "I/O exception" is normal as network connection to 
server is perfect
2. if this "I/O exception" occurs the thread should not halt.
3. i can easily reproduce that problem. when i use my post form and wait cca 
30 sec then this issue allways appears.

> Have you tried doing the same test without the proxy? It can well be a
> proxy side problem.

There is small misunderstanding. That proxy is my application = webserver 
receiving HttpServletRequest and forwarding them through HTTP client :-).

So I think there is bug in HTTP client. I'll try to prepare a testcase ;-)


Martin Zdila 

M-Way Solutions Slovakia s.r.o.
Letna 27, 040 01 Kosice

xmpp:zdila@jabbim.sk (Jabber)

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