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From Nicolas <nic....@web.de>
Subject Bug in Part.java?
Date Sun, 06 Apr 2008 17:41:50 GMT
Hello everybody,

I noticed that when I used the PostMethod and a FilePart in order to 
post a binary file to a server, the file was corrupt when it got to the 
server. When I compared the file on the server with the original one, I 
noticed that the file one the server had some bytes more at its 
beginning than the original one. To resolve this problem, I commented 
out line 269 in method sendEndOfHeader in Part.java:
protected void sendEndOfHeader(OutputStream out) throws IOException {
      LOG.trace("enter sendEndOfHeader(OutputStream out)");
      // 21.03.08 had to remove the second carriage return/line feed
      // in order to work correctly with binary files and QNap...

Because I don't know whether this is really a bug or a user error of 
mine, I post it in the development mailing list...


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