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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Httpcomponents Wiki] Update of "GuidedTourOfHttpCore" by RolandWeber
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 14:20:23 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by RolandWeber:

The comment on the change is:
mention module-httpmime, fix it's vs. its

  of the client side of that protocol called the Commons HttpClient.
  Informally, we also call it "the 3.x codebase" or simply "the old code".
  It proved quite useful to a lot of people, but the old code has severe
- limitations in it's design.
+ limitations in its design.
  For example, there is a class called {{{HttpMethodBase}}}.
  It represents a request and a response at the same time,
  and it also implements logic for processing both.
@@ -37, +37 @@

  Based on the experience gained with the old code, it implements the
  HTTP protocol with a new approach. Above all, there are several modules
  dealing with different aspects of the big problem.
- As you can gather from it's name, the !HttpCore module is at the
+ As you can gather from its name, the !HttpCore module is at the
  very heart of this effort. It defines stuff on which all the other
  modules depend and rely.
@@ -47, +47 @@

  modules can plug in functionality.
  Unlike the old code, !HttpCore is not specific to the client side
  of HTTP communication, it can also be used for the server side.
- And because it is so fundamentally different from it's predecessor,
+ And because it is so fundamentally different from its predecessor,
  we put all the code into an all-new package hierarchy so you
  don't confuse them.
@@ -60, +60 @@

   for the old code will not be able to use the new one?
-  Yes, that is correct. Because the old code was limited in it's design,
+  Yes, that is correct. Because the old code was limited in its design,
   we had to change the API. Applications have to be rewritten to
   make use of the new code. There was no way to avoid this.
   The all-new package names at least make sure that both old and new code
@@ -190, +190 @@

   Indeed, there is. But that didn't make it into core.
   It was considered slightly out of scope even for the old code.
-  Maybe we'll bring it into another module at some time,
-  but surely not into core.
+  A replacement is in module-httpmime of HttpClient.
+  We are using [http://james.apache.org/mime4j/index.html mime4j] there,
+  which drags in a few more dependencies.
+  HttpCore has no external dependencies at all.
  Any more questions about entities?
  Fine, then let's pass through this door, back into the main hall.
@@ -352, +354 @@

  Here we have the {{{RequestUserAgent}}}. It is a request interceptor for
  outgoing requests, so it is executed on requests on the client side before
- they are sent. It's only task is to add a User-Agent header, if there is
+ they are sent. Its only task is to add a User-Agent header, if there is
  none in the request. If you don't want a User-Agent header to be sent,
  you just don't add this interceptor to your list.

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