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From Erik Abele <e...@codefaktor.de>
Subject Re: [discuss] project charter, bylaws, whatever
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 12:06:29 GMT
On 06.01.2008, at 19:26, Roland Weber wrote:

> ...
> Regarding the mode of operations, I can write something up
> based on the Jakarta Bylaws (which are accessible through
> the "Charter" link (!) in the right-hand navigation bar):
> 	http://jakarta.apache.org/site/management.html


> The two questions I expect this kind of document to answer
> are:
> 1. Who has a binding vote on what decisions?
> 2. Which decisions require a 3/4 majority of eligible voters
>    and which a simple majority of votes cast?
> My current draft answers are:
> a) PMC level decisions are votes on releases, on changing
>    the charter/bylaws, establishing new subprojects, and
>    accepting new committers or PMC members. Only PMC members
>    have a binding vote, decisions require three binding +1,
>    vetos can be overruled by a 3/4 majority of PMC members.
>    Votes are strictly binary: +/-1.


> b) other decisions (project plans, including a feature, new
>    mailing list,...) require a simple majority of cast votes,
>    with three binding +1. PMC members and committers have a
>    binding vote. Votes can be non-binary: +/-0 +/-1.

+1 though only technical discussions so the new mailing list example  
kind of falls out there; it should be a PMC task but that's a minor  

> Of course, the distinction between PMC members and committers
> is currently hypothetical. But I like the idea of giving new
> committers a binding vote on some decisions from the start.

Yep, they definitely should have a say in technical discussions.

> Comments, thoughts, or other feedback?

Late but...


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