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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Project Charter
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 21:04:07 GMT
Hello Community Members,

that is _you_ who are subscribed to this mailing list.
I know I picked a bad time for starting this vote, with
Carnival and Super Tuesday and all going on. Still,
I am somewhat disappointed by the community response
to our Project Charter. Less than two days to go and
only PMC members have cast a vote.
This is not some technical decision where you have to
be a wise-crack Java developer or software designer
to form an opinion. _Everybody_ on this mailing list
can read and understand the Charter in two minutes:


The Charter is kind of a Declaration of Independence
from our Jakarta and Commons ancestry. Could you please
spend two minutes on reading it and then cast a vote
"+1, I like what you are doing, keep going" or
"-1, you forgot something..."?

Your votes are non-binding. That means nobody expects
you to get actively involved in the development or
running of this project if you cast a vote. Nobody is
going to send a lawyer after you either. It is just a
display of your general support for what we are doing,
and positive feedback for the people that do the work.



Roland Weber wrote:
> Hello all,
> please vote on accepting draft revision 613517 here:
>     http://hc.apache.org/charter.html
> as the Charter for the HttpComponents project. Only the
> "Charter" section of that page is subject to this vote.
> [ ] Yes, accept the draft as our Charter
> [ ] No, don't accept it because...
> The voting period ends Saturday 2008-02-09 17:00 GMT.
> Votes by PMC members are binding. This is a consensus
> decision, any binding -1 vote will block acceptance
> of the draft charter.
> Everybody interested in the HttpComponent project is
> encouraged to vote. Please show your support of this
> project (or your concerns about the draft Charter) by
> casting your vote. To learn about voting, have a look
> at our draft Bylaws: http://hc.apache.org/bylaws.html
> cheers,
>   Roland

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