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From "Sam Berlin" <sber...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Use cases of DefaultConnectingIOReactor & NHttpClientHandlerBase w/ HttpRequestExecutionHandler?
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 23:11:16 GMT
> IOControl#requestOutput will eventually cause the
> NHttpClientHandler#requestReady to fire, which in its turn will invoke
> HttpRequestExecutionHandler#submitRequest.

Ok -- is it safe to assume that the IOControl can be retrieved always
from the  context supplied to the handler (with a constant key)?  Or
do the handlers have to be written with the reactor in mind?

The plan is to use this as the core for swarmed downloads.  That is, a
single "swarm" would connect to multiple hosts and download different
ranges of a single file.  Each connection would have to suspend
reading if the writing is bogged down.  There would be multiple swarms
going on at once, so there's a lot of activity happening under the
hood.  Within each swarm, information exchanged during headers (or
through other means) is propogated to other members of the swarm.
(Our current code is all hacked up over the years, and it's time to
retire it.)

> I think this line of thought is correct. However, several major pieces
> of functionality are still missing, namely a connection manager and a
> pipelining capable NHttpClientHandler, in order for the NIO based
> components to be of any use on the client side.

The code we've used for nearly a decade doesn't have connection
management or pipelining either, so no big deal there. :)


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