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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Use cases of DefaultConnectingIOReactor & NHttpClientHandlerBase w/ HttpRequestExecutionHandler?
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 20:45:58 GMT

On Tue, 2008-02-12 at 15:24 -0500, Sam Berlin wrote:
> Whew!  Long subject line...
> I've been looking into exactly how all these components interact, and
> it got me to wondering: how exactly are people using these objects (if
> anyone is) right now? 

Hi Sam

I suspect none really uses HttpCore NIO for pure client side HTTP stuff.
It is mostly being used to implement HTTP proxies 

>  The example NHttpClient is very simplistic in
> that it just sends a basic GET request for "/" to the three hosts and
> accepts any response.  Trying to turn the sample into a somewhat more
> real-world scenario (say, a crawler) would seem to involve placing a
> lot more information in the context of each request/response &
> attachments.  For instance, expanding the example into a crawler would
> require:
>  1) On handleResponse, it parses the body for more links and adds them
> as potential outgoing requests in the context.
>  2) handleResponse somehow (?) 

IOControl#requestOutput will eventually cause the
NHttpClientHandler#requestReady to fire, which in its turn will invoke

> triggers another submitRequest to be
> called with the right context.
>  3) submitRequest looks up the new context information and submits
> more requests.
>  4) submitRequest could limit the number of pipelined attempts to a
> given host by storing more data in the context and
> incrementing/decrementing the concurrent attempts, which
> handleResponse would need to manage.
> It becomes a little harder to make it work if you want to use a
> variable number of connections and share the context.  I imagine there
> would need to be some kind of CrawlContext that's shared as the
> attachment among multiple connects and used within
> handleResponse/submitRequest.
> So...  my question is, is this line of thought correct?  Am I thinking
> about the ConnectingReactor & ExecutionHandler the wrong way?

I think this line of thought is correct. However, several major pieces
of functionality are still missing, namely a connection manager and a
pipelining capable NHttpClientHandler, in order for the NIO based
components to be of any use on the client side.

I am planning to start working on the NIO connection management code
immediately after the alpha3 release.   

>   Should
> there be some sort of more intricate tie-in between the request & the
> response it generates?  (And, the built-in question, how can
> handleResponse trigger another submitRequest to be called.)

IOControl#requestOutput is your friend

Hope this helps


> Thanks!
> Sam
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