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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject FYI: Updating the HC "project" site
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2008 07:25:58 GMT
Hi folks,

below is the description how I currently update the
main section of our website. Since it'll be a while
until we have good documentation, I feel this info
should be collected in a mail at least.
Only committers can deploy the site, but everybody
is welcome to contribute patches.

- Subversion
- Maven 2 (always use with -N here!)
- for deployment: ssh access to people.apache.org
  (I'm assuming a DSA authentication setup)

- check out the 'project' directory from SVN:
  svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/httpcomponents/project/
  (or project-trunk to get the components as well)
- for deployment, your ~/.m2/settings.xml must contain
  this section, with your own username of course:


Change and Review:
- update src/site/site.xml and src/site/apt/ as required
- regenerate the site locally:
  mvn -N site:site
- if you modify site.xml, clean before regenerating:
  mvn -N clean site:site
- review the result in the target/site/ directory

- change to the 'project' directory
- if you are a committer, apply the changes to SVN:
  svn commit -m "..."
- if you are not a committer, prepare the patch:
  svn diff > site-patch-xxx.txt
  Attach the patch to a JIRA issue or post it to dev@.

Deployment (committers only):
- open one terminal on your local machine to trigger the
  deployment, and a second on people.apache.org to fix
  the permissions afterwards
- on people.a.o, change to /www/hc.apache.org/ and prepare
  the command:
  chmod a+x downloads.cgi
- on your local machine, trigger site deployment:
  mvn -N site:deploy
  Make sure nobody is watching you. Maven will ask for
  your private key phrase, and displays your input as
  plain text in the terminal.
- on people.a.o, execute the command prepared above:
  chmod a+x downloads.cgi


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