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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Httpcomponents Wiki] Update of "FrontPage" by RolandWeber
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2008 13:40:41 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Httpcomponents Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by RolandWeber:

  #format wiki
  #language en
  #pragma section-numbers off
- = WikiName Wiki =
- What is this wiki about?
+ = Welcome to the HttpComponents Wiki =
+ This wiki provides additional documentation for HttpClient and HttpComponents.  Formal documentation
is available from the [http://hc.apache.org/ HttpComponents website].  Users are encouraged
to contribute information to this wiki that may be useful to others.  Please note that as
an anti-spam measure, you must be logged in to edit pages.  You can use [UserPreferences]
to create an account or login.
- Interesting starting points:
-  * RecentChanges: see where people are currently working
-  * WikiSandBox: feel free to change this page and experiment with editing
-  * FindPage: search or browse the database in various ways
-  * SyntaxReference: quick access to wiki syntax
-  * SiteNavigation: get an overview over this site and what it contains
+ The HttpComponents wiki is a part of the big [http://wiki.apache.org/ Apache Wiki Farm].
+ We originally created content in the
+ [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/ Jakarta HttpClient Wiki]
+ and are still in the process of moving it here.
+ We apologize for the broken links during the transition. 
- == How to use this site ==
+ If you're new to wikis you might want to read HelpForBeginners to get an idea of how they
work and how you can contribute.
+ == Table of Contents ==
- A Wiki is a collaborative site, anyone can contribute and share:
-  * Edit any page by pressing '''[[GetText(Edit)]]''' at the top or the bottom of the page

-  * Create a link to another page with joined capitalized words (like WikiSandBox) or with
{{{["quoted words in brackets"]}}}
-  * Search for page titles or text within pages using the search box at the top of any page
-  * See HelpForBeginners to get you going, HelpContents for all help pages.
- To learn more about what a WikiWikiWeb is, read about MoinMoin:WhyWikiWorks and the MoinMoin:WikiNature.
Also, consult the MoinMoin:WikiWikiWebFaq. 
+  * Users
+    1. http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/HttpClientPowered - A list of applications
that use !HttpClient
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/ForAbsoluteBeginners Client HTTP Programming
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/GuidedTourOfHttpCore Guided Tour of HttpCore]
- Overview documentation for HttpComponents Core
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/FrequentlyAskedApplicationDesignQuestions
Application Design FAQ]
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/FrequentlyAskedConnectionManagementQuestions
Connection Management FAQ] - What is TIME_WAIT etc
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/AlternativeJSSE JSSE Implementations] -
Links to JSSE implementations for HTTPS connectivity
+    1. [wiki:Self:FrequentlyAskedNTLMQuestions NTLM FAQ]
- This wiki is powered by MoinMoin.
+  * Development
+    1. http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/WebSite - How to update and deploy the HttpComponents
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/HttpClientReleaseProcess Commons HttpClient
3.x release process] - How to cut and publish a release of Commons !HttpClient 3.x
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/HttpComponentsCoreReleaseProcess HttpComponents
Core release process] - How to cut and publish a release of !HttpComponents Core
+    1. http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/HttpClientApiJavadocGuidelines - API Java''''''Doc
guidelines for !HttpComponents
+    1. http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/ConnectionManagementDesign - Design considerations
for connection management in !HttpComponents
+    1. http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/HttpComponentsAndOSGi - Generating OSGi
bundles for our modules
+    1. http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/ReferenceMaterials - Links to relevant standards
+  * Benchmarks
+    1. http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/HttpClient3vsHttpClient4vsHttpCore - !HttpClient
3.x vs !HttpClient 4.x vs !HttpCore 4.x performance benchmarks
+  * Formalities
+    1. [http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient/BoardReports Board Reports]

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