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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: TLP - first steps
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 07:58:54 GMT
Hi Erik,

>> I don't think we need to establish new formal bylaws on
>> the spot, we've been operating with the Jakarta bylaws
>> for quite some time.
> Yep, though then we can also simply copy and adjust it; will put that on
> my list to do as soon as the resources are up.

Cloning parts of the Jakarta website will be an interesting
challenge. The cross-project Jakarta site uses a different
technique for generation and deployment from the HttpComponents
pages. We might keep two separate techniques, or try to convert
the Jakarta sites we take to the plain Maven2 gen&deploy.

> I'd suggest something short like 'hc' or even 'httpc' (though that's
> probably a bit too close to httpd? <grin/>) and then an alias of the
> full name 'httpcomponents';

Or "https"... aaargh ;-) Let's go with 'hc' until we're stopped.
The alias is a good idea. Paul, we can keep "httpcomponents" in
the path names. Currently it appears twice in the paths for the
individual componets. Getting that down to one with a short domain
name will make the URLs more convenient without scarificing the
project association:



>> http-user@   - from httpclient-user@jakarta
> -users or -user? The former seems to be more common. Or client-users@,
> to have room for a later core-users@? *Shrug* - I'll leave that to you :-)

I'm fine with Oleg's suggestion to keep the name "httpclient-user".

>> I don't see a need for an announcement list.
> Ok, what about issues@?

As an alias for dev@? Or are there projects that keep a separate
list for issues? Our JIRA mails go directly to dev@.

> We're talking about http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-httpclient - right?
> Or is there another one?

No, that's the only one.

> I was a bit bound the last couple of days but I'm planning to work on
> all of that this weekend and the coming week, as time permits. I'll send
> out various mails asking for confirmation / confirming each of the
> separate steps involved.

Thanks a lot for taking care of such things. My availability will
continue to be poor. I'll be travelling again and will reduce
mailing list activity to the bare minimum while abroad. I'll keep an
eye on this list via public archives, but will post only rarely here
and not at all on the user list.

> The first things we should decide on: domain name (plus accompanying
> unix group name)

See above, I hope we can get 'hc' for the domain name. I assume it
is convenient for infra to use the short name for the Unix group, too.

> name of new svn repo location,


No need to be cryptic here.

> members of unix group
> and svn karma group

IIRC, all active committers have joined the PMC:
The folks that didn't make it from the 3.x to the 4.0 list
have retired. I'm afraid Mike has joined them, too.
So let's just take the PMC members to seed the groups.

> I hope to get a rough overview / schedule up on the wiki tonight -
> suggestions, ideas, missing points very welcome :-)

Again: many, many thanks!


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