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From Stojce Dimski <sdmi...@yahoo.it>
Subject real/perceived requirements, dependencies, jdk...
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2007 12:10:27 GMT
Questions that I raised are about taking the benefits from some
advancements in platform (language, libraries, tools) at reasonable
cost of some dependencies...

1) Migrating the source to Java5
with use of 'retroweaver' brings just build time dependency for those
who want to rebuild from source, produced artifacts are not dependant
from Java5...
So this is trivial issue for many consumers of this library out there,
but can bring some benefits for those who develop this code base...

2) Use of runtime dependencies
I spoke of just one 'java.util.concurrent' which is very, very, very,
very widely used and would be necessary just for those 1.4 platforms
and is no dependency on Java5, Java6 etc... Common, it is not some
esoteric library it's part of JRE...
The case of 'google-collections' was just a provocation, as those will
by 90% be part of Java7 and will be 'backported' to Java5 and Java6,
something like 'java.util.concurrent' 2 the revenge ;-)

I admit that timing is not perfect but it's better to do something now
than later...

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