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From ossf...@dubioso.net
Subject Re: TLP proposal draft
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 15:03:44 GMT
Hi Erik,

>_So, to sum up: I'd simply remove that paragraph 

OK, go ahead.

You've changed the last paragraph to:

>> RESOLVED, that all responsibilities pertaining to
>> the Jakarta HttpComponents and the Jakarta Commons
>> HttpClient subprojects encumbered upon the Apache
>> Jakarta Project are hereafter discharged.

That is not correct. There is no Jakarta Commons HttpClient
(sub)subproject anymore. It was replaced when the
HttpComponents project was charged with maintaining
the HttpClient 3.x codebase. At the very least,
there should be a "former" in there.

>_and submit the  
>_proposal for the 14 Nov board meeting - if accepted this gives enough  
>_time to get the infrastructure going (plan on some weeks for that),

Good point, I didn't expect that to take very long.
But that makes the chair question more urgent.
Oleg, have you contacted "Jandalf" about that yet?

>_write the bylaws, move the site and other resources etc. etc... (I'm  
>_happy to help with all that).

Thanks, that will be very welcome. I won't have much
time for anything until Christmas (gregorian).


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