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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: TLP - the final push
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:04:43 GMT
Hi Oleg,

>> Name: [...]

> We tried to come up with a new fancy name and that led us nowhere. I
> wish we had chosen a better name from the start or were allowed to be
> http4j or some such. Good names are very difficult to come up with.
> HttpComponents may be dull and ugly but it does reflect the purpose of
> the project rather well. 

You noticed that I want to keep HttpComponents as the name of what
we're doing now, yes? I am suggesting to find something that is
non-descriptive and non-offensive to anyone for use as the domain
name and in the list of Apache projects. That's also based on the
assumption that some application project might eventually join us
"at some distant point in the future". In that case, HC wouldn't
be an appropriate description for all our activities anymore.

> I am tired of discussions that lead nowhere. If no one else participates
> we should just go ahead and put a proposal on vote and be done with it.
> This whole mess has been taking too much of our time and energy away
> from writing code and cutting releases.

Agreed. We'll see whether there are other opinions next week.
If not, I'll try to find time for phrasing a TLP proposal next
weekend, using HttpComponents as the name. I'll probably use the
Jakarta Wiki, as the vote will have to be held on general@j.a.o.


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