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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: NIO HttpCore stability
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 17:08:34 GMT
Robert Brown wrote:
> I'm considering using the latest NIO HttpCore code and I'd like
> to get a rough idea of how stable it is for the use case
> described below.

In terms of API stability, we're closing in on the beta,
most likely later this year. Synapse has been using HttpNIO
since alpha3 or so. They had to update their code on a
regular basis because of the API changes, but these are
going to be a thing of the past when we go beta.

> The basic question is: Would you feel
> comfortable basing a heavily used production system on it at this
> time, if you were willing to do some debugging of problems?

That depends on the quality of your tests. We do have some
unit tests at the moment, but they do not have the coverage
to call the code production ready. I believe the code is of
very good quality and has not many bugs left. Nevertheless
I expect that it will take another year for going from beta
to final. (We're spending our spare time here.)
If you are prepared to test your specific use cases well,
you can build a production system on top of HttpCore. And
it would be great for all users if you contributed test
cases back to the project. Once we have test cases, we'll
make sure they all pass for every future release.

If you can wait until next week, Oleg is going to comment
on this question too. He's done most of the HttpNIO coding.


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