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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: HttpComponents TLP: further course of actions
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 18:14:48 GMT
Andrea Selva wrote:
> I think to get people working on it, it should be used by some main
> projects, or used in first class projects, such as a connector for tomcat or
> better for jetty. A browser could be a good candidate to project light on
> the HttpComponente, but is a so big project.

Yes, projects using the code are a big help. We've seen
bug reports - and fixes - come in from Synapse and
Limewire (iirc), for example. Unfortunately it is not
within our sphere of influence who is using the code.

We are facing the traditional problem of middleware:
it's not cool, like hacking on a kernel is. It's not
a personal requirement like a hardware driver is.
And it's not user-facing like a browser. It's just
somewhere in the middle, and as long as it does what
it's supposed to do, few people care. When it doesn't,
there are some fixes, and then the interest fades
away again. We're trying to make the code appealing
to more users, but the users won't come until the
code is almost ready to be used for their purposes.
We'd have to stumble over somebody starting to hack
on it as a pastime... while Oleg and I are setting
a pretty high standard in terms of code quality.
(and will continue to do so)


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