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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [HttpCore][HttpClient] Planning
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2007 17:28:23 GMT
Hi Oleg,

> (2) Freeze Core API sometime in September and release BETA1 shortly
> after. 
> (4) HttpClient 4.0 ALPHA2 shortly after HttpCore 4.0 BETA1

-0 from me. I think it is unwise to freeze the core API at this stage.
Within days after the alpha5 release, we changed it with HTTPCORE-88.
And we had a need to introduce the version detection triggered by
HttpClient (HTTPCORE-90). Not to forget HTTPCORE-100. This API is not
stable, hence I am not in favor of freezing it without another alpha.

We've stuffed most API changes triggered by client alpha1 into the
core alpha5 release, which is good. If we get client to alpha2 without
requiring further API changes in core, that is if we make it from
core alpha6 to the next core release without (important) API changes,
then I will consider core as a stable API that can be marked beta.

That's for core/module-main. I will trust your judgement regarding NIO.

> (1) Put HttpCore on the back-burner for a while. I personally think Core
> is pretty close to being completed. [...]

Ack. No need to freeze the API prematurely though.

> (3) I found myself enjoying hacking on HttpClient again

Good, glad to hear that :-)

> I will make a major
> push toward completing the cookie management code.

I'll continue nibbling at the HttpConn problems. Minor stuff on the
API side (HttpRoutePlanner, ManagedClientConn.tunnelProxy), but the
TSCCM rework is a potential brainbuster.

> (5) Decision on NTLM support and multipart coded POSTs. Lots to be
> discussed.

Ack. I would delay these decisions until we know in what way
and with whom we're going to leave Jakarta. If we leave with
Slide, we'll need multipart. And the move is going to create
a lot of administrative work again.

> (6) Decision on packaging HttpConn, HttpCookie and HttpAuth as separate
> modules (artifacts). Lots to be discussed as well.

Ooooh yeah. Not the kind of discussion I'm looking forward to.
Agreements on disagreements again ;-) Maybe this time more
than just two people will participate.


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