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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [HttpCore] One JAR to rule them all Was Re: gumping httpcore
Date Sun, 08 Jul 2007 12:52:05 GMT
sebb wrote:
>> > Maven2 based projects tend to pick Continuum as their continuous
>> > integration platform of choice these days. Gump may work better with
>> > plain old Ant scripts (POAS)
> True. I don't think it works properly with Maven yet.

I'll know whether it works well enough within a week.

>> > (1) take a formal decision to ship one JAR (httpcore-all.jar)
>> One jar per component, and having releases from two different
>> build processes? I'm not convinced, but I won't stand in your
>> way either.
> Releases? Gump output should never be released.

Have another look at Oleg's mail, I shortened the quote.
He suggests to define an Ant build for _releasing_ an
httpcore-all.jar, _then_ to run Gump on that Ant build.

> Not sure that Gump supports Maven2 yet.

jakarta-bcel, jakarta-commons (email), jline, mina,
logging-log4j-zeroconf and slf4j use the tag <mvn>
in their Gump metadata. Since the command line name
changed from "maven" to "mvn" in Maven 2, I take it
that <mvn> is for gumping with Maven 2. Can't tell
how well it works until I've tried.


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