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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: current state of httpclient 4.0
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2007 16:39:30 GMT
Hi Daniel,

> I'm now reading the wiki and will then delve into the code. You can
> expect a
> whole host of new questions when I'm through with that ;)

I'll be on a business trip for some time next week. I will
answer questions that where not addressed by others when
I am back.

> A couple of
> things
> I do have already on my mind:
>   - I'm not too well versed in http to know all the details involved.
>   I'd certainly need a guide so that the things I come up with end up being
>   too simplistic.

We'll point out what you are missing.

> I actually don't quite see the ouch yet, but I'll
>   investigate.

expect-continue requires the client to wait for a response
from the server before sending the message body. Perfect
match for an _asynchronous_ API, isn't it? ;-)

>   - What version of jdk would you target with httpDispatch? My first
>   shot would be: API maybe 1.3, and then pluggable backends depending on
>   needs (don't know yet).

1.4 or 5.0. When we started with the discussions
two years ago, 1.4 was reasonable. When I see where
we are now, it's probably OK to require 5.0 if that
makes niossl available. The API will probably be
compatible with 1.4 anyway.

>   - Is there a testsuite how you test httpclient, beside the unit tests.

Nope. We have test servers in the unit tests, there
is little that an extra testsuite could add. It's
not like we can afford to put up dedicated servers
just to test SSL tunnelling through a proxy with
NTLM authentication :-) I'm running some of the
examples against a local Apache proxy. Otherwise,
it's the test servers in the unit tests.


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