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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: publishing sources to the maven-repo
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2007 10:15:27 GMT
Hi Daniel,

> I saw on the mailinglist that at least
> Roland didn't like Maven too much a year ago [5].

To me, Maven is a release build tool. But I don't build releases,
Oleg takes care of that. For development work, you need something
like Ant that provides more fine-grained building. I'm using Ant
explicitly, others use it under the covers of Eclipse.
If I wanted to keep up with everything going on in this project,
I would have had to spend time on learning at least Maven, NIO,
and Spring. I prefer to spend what little time I have available
on coding. I had an idea last year (as recently as December) to
code some kind of version detection for debug reporting. But I
had to drop that idea because it would have required to update
properties files with the version number during release builds,
and I don't want to spend several week-ends on learning Maven
just to support a few hours of coding. Actually, I'm not even
sure whether my idea could be implemented with Maven, as it
seems (from my remote point of view) that version identifiers
are hard-coded in POM files rather than being passed in when
invoking the release build. The simple truth is that I'm very
unlikely to ever learn Maven well enough to come to like it :-)

If you can help Oleg and others with the release process,
your helping hand is appreciated by me as well.


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