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From sebb <seb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: version detection ideas (was: Re: publishing sources to the maven-repo)
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2007 11:54:59 GMT
On 10/06/07, Roland Weber <ossfwot@dubioso.net> wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> >> update
> >> properties files with the version number during release builds,
> >
> > If you could elaborate a bit more on your idea, I'm gonna think about it. I
> > solved a similar problem at work and probably can find a solution faster.
> The goal of version detection is to log in debug output which
> versions of the various modules are in the environment. The
> basic approach would be to package a version.properties file
> with each module (in different packages), then hard-code a list
> of modules in a version-detection class.

An alternative might be to use the svn revision - there would then be
just one number to worry about.

I'm doing this for the nightly JMeter builds.
[See nightly target in build.xml for the details]

> My trickiest requirement for version detection is the following:
> if somebody downloads one of our source builds and re-builds it
> locally instead of using the release JAR, that has to show up
> in the version log. The most likely reason for a local build are
> changes to out classes, and we should be aware of that fact when
> asked to give support.

Would it not just be simpler to ask for the MD5 of the jar(s) if you
suspect that a local version has been created?

Indeed, why not generate the MD5s and log them in the debug output?

> To achieve that with Ant, I would use a <copy> task with filters
> on the properties files. I think Maven has a step prepare-source
> in which to do such things. I would hard-code a version number
> SNAPSHOT in the build.xml and override that from the command line
> or in a local build.properties when doing a release build.
> If someone did a local build bypassing Ant, the properties would
> either be missing, or they would show the unreplaced filter tags.
> A local build using Ant would show version SNAPSHOT.

What's to stop them using the release identifier?

> I don't doubt that Maven can copy and filter properties files as
> well as Ant can. But if Maven gets the version from the pom.xml,
> which is shipped set to the release version, that wouldn't be
> enough.
> One option is to keep not only the version, but also a build
> timestamp in the properties files. Then we could see from the
> timestamps which modules are release JARs and which aren't.

Yes, that would be safer.

But MD5 hashes would work just as well?


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