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From Roland Weber <ossf...@dubioso.net>
Subject [HttpConn] test coverage
Date Sun, 20 May 2007 14:57:21 GMT
Hi all,

I have ported all applicable tests for the TSCCM from 3.x
TestHttpConnectionManager, except the one for shutdownAll.
Some of the tests are not applicable because they test
auto-release or error handling when executing methods.
shutdownAll is on my kill list beyond alpha1, so I don't
see the need for a test case. There are still untested
corners in the TSCCM code, but I feel that there are
more important things to take care of.

I would like to extend HttpRoute, and therefore also
RouteTracker and RouteDirector, to support proxy chains.
Once that is done, I can cover those classes with test
cases. This is an API change which I would like to get
into alpha1.
The connection operator has poor test coverage, but that
will require to add tunnelling mockup functionality to
the test server. Even lower on my list are unit tests for
connection auto-release and SingleClientConnManager.

The test coverage statistics for HttpConn will jump up
when I figure out how to run all tests twice, with and
without logging enabled :-) Currently, TSCCM and it's
ConnectionPool are at 78% and 74%, without logging.

Oleg, Mike, please let me know if you are comfortable
with the test coverage, or what other tests you would
like to have before I start the cleanup of TSCCM.


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