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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [HttpConn][HttpClient] status update
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2007 06:33:19 GMT
Hi Tom,

> I believe auto-close is a mistake (as is keeping it a secret :-).  The
> code using the stream isn't notified when it's closed, which leads to
> unexpected IOExecptions.

I've thought it over and believe this is something that should be
addressed in 3.1. The auto-close code does exactly what your
workaraound does, too: it looks for an EOF and then triggers
an action. We should modify that action, switching the stream
into an EOF mode where the underlying connection is no longer
blocked, but no IOExceptions are triggered either. I'll open
a JIRA issue for that.

Auto-close has been a part of HttpClient for some years, so we
will not be dropping it from the 3.1 code. It's a performance
optimization and not meant to replace releaseConnection().

Regarding the tolerance debate, maybe we can add a "zero tolerance"
mode to the connection managers in HttpConn 4. One that shuts down
the JVM if a connection leak is detected. I'll keep it in mind.


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