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From Stojce Dimski <sdmi...@yahoo.it>
Subject Re: SessionRequest, SessionRequestCallback and other nio stuff...
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2007 16:38:08 GMT
Hi Oleg,

If your intention was to terrorize me about nio approach you can
consider it done ;-)

Main reason to go with nio is to be as light as possible on my server,
and having probably 6-700 concurrent users nearly all with 'keep-alive'
during the office hours would give me a thread-per-connection problems
with blocking approach...
But after yours '13 steps on roundtrip to hell' I a considering some
different approaches...

1) What do you think about having nio server and handling client side
in a blocking fashion ?

2) To have a reactor listen on few addresses do I have to invoke
several listen(address) requests ?



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