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From Robert Olofsson <r...@khelekore.org>
Subject Re: http-core proxy server
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 23:59:30 GMT
Stojce Dimski wrote:
> I tried searching for some java open source reverse proxy via google but
> have found nothing...

Try to search for java open source proxies, I know that some has reverse
proxying as an add on module to the normal proxy handling. Yes, it
will require that you read some documentation, but it may be worth it.

My proxy has such a module. You can look at it at 
It uses a BSD-styled licence. Note that my proxy is not based on http
components and it does not try to decrypt https connections so it
will not fulfill all of your requirements.

> I will try to implement it myself....

Be prepared for a lot of work. Writing a correct proxy is not as easy
as it sounds like. It does not seem like you will use any cache and
that will remove a lot of problems,

Writing a trivial proxy that seems to work with firefox/IE is easy, but
it will not follow the rfc and it will have problems.
Using http components will help you with some things like
reading/writing headers, but it will not help you modify the headers as
needed by a proxy.


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