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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [HttpClient] (my) next steps
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 17:22:04 GMT
Hi Oleg,

> We are planing to take a trip to London from
> Dec 29th to Jan 6th. So, I am afraid I am not likely be able to
> contribute any code way until mid January.

London is fun, as long as you've got money to spend.
I've been there in March. If you have a mind for
museums, check out the Victoria & Albert.

> However, I'll do my best to
> participate in architecture discussions and review patches.

I'll be leaving for my new year's eve trip on Dec 29th, too.
I get back on Jan 2nd, that leaves me some time to prepare
patches which you can review after your return. I'll start
work again on Jan 7th with a business trip, so there is no
hurry because I'll be offline anyway.

> As far as priorities are concerned here is my personal list:
> * have HttpClient ported to the HttpCore API and to have as many test
> cases ported as possible. I would not like to get bogged down in
> refactoring of some isolated components before we get the whole damn
> thing more or less functional and have sufficient test coverage to
> detect regressions in functionality. 

I understand. My problem is that I can't tell how often
I will have to travel. That's why I shun from such a huge
task and would rather focus on particular items for which
I can prepare a patch within one or two days, before I'm
on the road again - or not. The connection stuff is kind
of unfinished business for me :-)

> * Decide whether we ship HttpClient as one artifact (jar) or a
> collection of smaller jars. Probably we should talk about it to the rest
> of Jakarta before the final decision is made.

That can hardly be discussed separately from a combined
HttpComponents jar. Getting Jakarta into the discussion
is a good idea.

> My current task at hand is to port authentication components (HttpAuth).
> If you could take a look at the HttpConn stuff in parallel, it would be
> just awesome.

Ok, I'll do that. The earlier we make significant changes, the
less code will be affected. Refactoring is one of those things
where Eclipse has the upper hand over Emacs.

> Do feel obliged, though.

I do ;-)

> If you feel like spending some
> time hacking just pick up something you consider fun. 

Connection interface. Version detection.
I have some less funny things on my list, too. Like getting more
familiar with Maven and the site generator. Maybe also with Maven
and it's JavaDoc plugin.

> I'll try to find time tonight or this weekend the latest to answer
> emails and review patches. 

Thanks. If it's the weekend, there is no hurry. I won't be back
from the christmas family visit until Wednesday afternoon.


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