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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject [HttpClient] (my) next steps
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2006 19:42:35 GMT
Hi all,

year-end break is approaching, and so is a time when I can
finally spend a few consecutive days on coding again. To be
precise: from Jan 3rd up to the end of that week. I'd like
to pick up work on HTTPCLIENT-602 (formerly HTTPCORE-8):

Before then, I have a few days left this week and one or
two next week in which I'd like to discuss the matter and
collect some ideas. That should allow me to get started
quickly next year.
Oleg, what are your plans during this timeframe? Anything
that would require the connection interface to be (mostly)
complete before mid January? Or is there something else
in HttpClient that you consider more urgent on which I
should work?

My goal is to define an interface for client side connections
that covers the full functionality typically required of a
connection. It should be easily usable and/or extensible for
HttpAsync. I would also like to keep it compatible with NIO
requirements, if possible. The open(...) problem was a major
point of discussion as long as we still had it in HttpCore.
Of course an initial implemention comes with the interface.

I will also work on the JavaDocs for HttpClient. Those that
were moved over from the 3.x codebase generate plenty of
warnings I can fix when I don't feel like doing real work :-)

I'll send an extra mail to start the technical discussion.


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