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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: HttpCore NIO questions
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 14:28:46 GMT
Hi Oleg,

> I believe strongly when it comes to libraries sometimes less is more. I
> very much rather prefer a library that does one thing and does it well
> to one that tries to be all sorts of things to all sorts of people.

I agree. But I wonder how much connection opening is needed for HttpCore
in order for it to work well.

> We
> cannot deliver a complete SSL tunneling solution in HttpCore without
> authentication, so probably we should not even try.

Yes, I started to think along those lines when I wrote the last mail.

>>Opening a plain socket to an HTTP host or proxy is easily enough achieved
>>using standard Java functionality. But that means that applications will
>>have responsibilities on the socket level, while the API works on the
>>HttpHost/ProxyHost level, and we'll have no way to ensure consistency.
> They do not necessarily have to be consistent as HttpHost may well
> represent a virtual host, which does not directly correspond to the
> underlying physical socket. I do not see this as an issue.

Maybe. Maybe HttpCore doesn't even have to know whether it is connected
to a proxy or directly to a server. I need to think about this.

>>Maybe we can come up with a small module-conn for opening connections,
>>while HttpConn deals with real connection management, that is pools of
> Then we rather keep this code in HttpCore base module, if you feel
> strongly about it. 

I don't feel strongly about it at this time.

> Let us step back for now and think things over.

I definitely agree with that :-)

> Maybe others will throw
> in their ideas and opinions as well.

That would be so welcome. I'm a bit tired of our stalemates with
nobody joining the discussion to break the tie. Considering how often
that happens, I am surprised about how much progress we're making :-)
Two is a majority, as a friend of mine once observed. He was referring
to a department of maybe 20 or 25 people. How many are on this mailing
list? ;-)


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