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From "Julius Davies" <juliusdav...@cucbc.com>
Subject commons-ssl - corporate CLA sent via courier
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 05:03:51 GMT

Sorry to spam "apache@apache.org".  Just a note that Credit Union Central Of British Columbia
has sent two signed copies of the Corporate CLA via courier to:

The Apache Software Foundation,
1901 Munsey Drive,
Forest Hill, MD

This is regarding donation of the code currently listed here:


We've sent two signed copies.  One is for your records, the other we need someone who can
speak for Apache to sign and send back to us.  We couriered it because we always courier contracts.
 You can send it back however you see fit (U.S. Postal Service is fine).  Please send it back
"Attention: Natalie Goncharova".

I've personally also mailed an "Invidivual CLA".  I put it in a mailbox this evening through
regular Canada Post.  Should probably arrive in 2 weeks at the most.  You don't have to send
me back one of these.  But please do send back a signed copy of the Corporate CLA!


Sorry to httpclient-dev about the long delay on this.  I went on a 3 week vacation shortly
after my original email and just got too busy after that.

I have a new feature in "commons-ssl" since I last wrote:

- Works with Java 1.3 + JSSE

I also am very close to supporting standard "Apache" style ssleay format RSA keys, encrypted
or plain PKCS-1.  These are the same keys you create by following this FAQ:


I have some experimental code (not uploaded yet) that can handle the following types (with
help from BouncyCastle's ASN parsing):

#1. RSA key - not encrypted!

#2. RSA key - encrypted!
Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED
DEK-Info: DES-CBC,[8-byte-binary-salt/iv]

#3. DEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC,[8-byte-binary-salt/iv]

#4. DEK-Info: AES-128-CBC,[16-byte-binary-salt/iv]

#5. DEK-Info: AES-192-CBC,[16-byte-binary-salt/iv]

#6. DEK-Info: AES-256-CBC,[16-byte-binary-salt/iv]

I'm going to create a formal "commons-ssl" project proposal.  But I'm also going to be really
tightly coupled to HTTPClient - CRL checking is going to be mostly supported through HTTPClient!
 So I'm wondering if maybe it should all just be part of "httpclient.jar".

If I do create a commons-ssl sub-project in the incubator, I'm wondering if Oleg or Sebb or
anyone else here would like to join.  Oleg - I'm especially indebted to you.  Your httpclient-contrib
examples were very very helpful to me and CUCBC these past two years.  I've been using your
"Auth" example in production for at least 1.5 years now.


Julius Davies
Senior Application Developer
Credit Union Central of British Columbia


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