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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject [HttpCore] Proxy Support
Date Sun, 20 Aug 2006 17:11:26 GMT
Hello all,

I've been waiting for a quiet week-end to collect my thoughts and
questions about proxy support in HttpCore, or HttpComponents in
general. Since a quiet week-end doesn't seem to come my way, I've
decided to write down what I have in mind right now, to get the
discussion going.

We have two interfaces HttpClientConnection and HttpProxyConnection,
along with a default implementation for each. Proxy is derived from
Client, both in the interface and default implementation.
I think it is a design flaw to separate plain and proxy connections.
Consider connection management: we want to create and manage a
number of connections, not knowing whether they'll be used through
a proxy or not. The proxy connection is not layered on top of a
plain connection, the class is derived from it. So we always have
to create proxy connections for the connection manager in order to
allow proxying. Then those proxy connections are used either as a
plain or as a proxy connection. Being proxied or not is a runtime
property, and can not be reflected in the class hierarchy.

Another problem is that proxying is not transparent. There is a
check in HttpRequestExecutor.doEstablishConnection whether the
connection is pointing to the correct target host. It might have
been me who introduced that method as part of some refactoring.
They way it is used, the connection always points to the correct
host because the invocation argument is taken directly from the
connection. But in general, the decision whether a connection is
pointing appropriately can not be made without knowing whether
it is proxied. If it is connected to a proxy and using a tunnel,
then both proxy and ultimate target host have to be the intended
ones. If it is proxied without (real) tunnelling, it can be kept
alive even if the next request is going to a different target host
but through the same proxy.
I think the general idea of HttpCore was that a connection would
be established to the appropriate host or proxy prior to sending
the request, so that HttpCore doesn't have to bother. But that
idea is currently broken in HttpRequestExecutor. We either have
to repair the request executor (and adapt the async processor to
those changes), or we need a different idea for proxy handling
in HttpCore.
Proxy handling is also not transparent to a connection manager,
for the keep-alive reason mentioned above. If there is a connection
open to the proxy, and not tunnelled to a specific target host
(and not associated with some inappropriate authentication state),
then that connection can be re-used for a different target host.
I believe that the connection itself would be a good place to
implement the logic for deciding whether it is pointing correctly.

A minor detail is that only the HttpProxyConnection has an
isSecure() method. A non-proxied connection can be secure, too :-)
Another minor detail is the ProxyHost class, which is not used
anywhere in the API, but only by the DefaultHttpProxyConnection.
I'm not sure whether it adds any value.

Finally, I am wondering where we'll plug in logic for proxy
selection. Before digging deeper into this, I thought we could
have a request interceptor that picks a proxy for the request.
But request interceptors are executed only after the connection
is available, and we need the information about the proxy before
requesting the connection from a connection manager. Also, there
are problems with proxy requests having a different status line
from non-proxy requests, which would be ugly to deal with in a
request interceptor.
Proxy selection will also affect HttpAsync. While it is possible
to design HttpCore so that it does not establish connections and
therefore does not have to know about a proxy, HttpAsync provides
a different interface. It is the responsibility of an HttpDispatcher
to establish connections, so those will need to know which proxy to
use. I'd like to discuss this now, so we can agree on a common
interface for HttpAsync and HttpClient.

OK, I think that's about all that has been bugging me about our
proxy support those last few months. Let me know what you think.


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