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From Robert Olofsson <r...@khelekore.org>
Subject Re: "Unable to parse header" issue
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2006 16:35:33 GMT

Ortwin Gl├╝ck wrote:
> The question is not *how* to handle this in your code, but rather *if*!
> That system is not speaking HTTP, but something else. Why bother at all?

Only handling strict http/1.x will mean that httpclient can not be used
for many things. In many ways I agree that only strict http should be
handled, but when I made that the default in my http proxy, rabbit, too
many sites stopped workning. Rabbit is not based on httpclient and it is
for the moment only a web proxy. For now rabbit has a flag to
enable/disable strict http. That flag has to be set to false as default.

I have not checked if httpclient handles newline issues strict or if is
forgiving there. Most of the problems I saw with strict http handling 
where with CGI sending \n\n instead of \r\n\r\n.

If I were to try to build a web proxy with httpclient it would not work
well, so all I can recomend is to at least make it possible to handle
broken headers similar to how browsers treat them.

Has anyone tried to run something like the co-advisor http tests with 

That is for http proxies so it may not be usable directly. The tests 
cost money, but "...free online access for qualified open-source 
software projects are available...".

> If you can, you should speak to the operators of that system and make 
> them comply with the (at least the basic) HTTP standard.

That is always something to try, it will not always work, at least not 
fast enough. Servers today are usually better than they were a few years
ago though, so in time maybe we will have conforming clients and servers.

Just my thoughts, now I need to read through the nio-version to see how 
httpclient handles that, just to compare it to my proxy (which uses full 
nio for all handling).


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