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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [HttpAsync] build.xml
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 19:29:20 GMT
Hi Oleg,

Thanks for your feedback. See my comments below.

> (1) Maven should stay the preferred building tool for HttpComponents
> (not because I like it that much, but for the consistency sake with the
> rest of Jakarta and ASF). Therefore, I would not invest too much efforts
> into Ant build file beyond a reasonable minimum. 

It isn't my preferred build tool, and I doubt it will ever become.
I've used the Ant build from the start, and as long as Maven does
not do anything that Ant couldn't, I'd like to keep it that way.
Unless we find a majority for getting rid of Ant altogether, but
I don't see that happening if Gump supports only Ant.

> (2) The 'contrib' and 'example' artifacts (at least to this point) are
> meant to be distributed in source as a reference material only. I would
> not bother including 'contrib' and 'example' specific tasks into the
> build file.

That's probably because you are using an IDE (Eclipse?) that compiles
everything you load into it. I don't. Without an Ant task to build
those packages, I will miss it if their code is broken by a change.
Which happened only last weekend in HttpCore. If the code is supposed
to compile, I want a build target to compile it :-) Defining a target
for packaging was only done for sake of consistency, since the compile
targets shouldn't define dependencies.

I think this is a difference in the way we develop code. An IDE gives
you a completely separate build environment for incremental compilation,
including JavaDoc-style popups for everything. I don't have that, so I
need the functionality readily accessible in a build process. As far
as I have learned by now, Maven provides a linear lifecylce with the
deliverable package at the end. Ant has more flexibility for defining
all kinds of intermediate or side-exit targets. That's why I consider
Maven the tool for cutting a release every few months, while Ant is
my tool of choice for day to day development. It's a replacement for
the IDE rather than for Maven.

> Otherwise, look ok to me

Thanks. I've spotted a big problem, though. The properties do not have
a namespace. If build files for HttpCore, HttpClient and HttpAsync all
use the same build.properties file, then the property names for
defining target directories like ${dist.api} must be distinct.

I'll try to come up with a new version sometime this week.
Maybe we'll also get some more feedback until then.


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