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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: Asnyc and NIO Components
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 13:47:12 GMT
Hi Brian,

> Is there a guesstimated timeline for any work to start on a select  and
> callback based http client component? Callback not in the sense  of the
> description of the Async implementation on the wiki (2 threads  per
> connection) but in N threads per M connections where M is much  bigger
> than N?

I am less optimistic than Oleg, but that may be due to my
missing knowledge about NIO, in Java and in HttpComponents.
I also don't know yet what plans Oleg has for this component.

The interface in HttpCore is synchronous. So even without any
background threads, you will need M application threads to
make use of M connections simultaneously. If that is what
you've asked for, Oleg's answer is appropriate.

For HttpAsync, I will be happy if it is functionally complete
and unit tested with a plain IO implementation by next spring.
The implementation itself should not be a problem, although it
depends on connection management functionality not yet available.
But unit testing will be a tough nut to crack. Test calls to
some setters and getters may suffice to trick the statistics
(or not), but the real problem that needs to be tested is the
thread interaction and synchronization. Imagine a fake test
server that secretly synchronizes with the test case threads
to trigger specific situations in the dispatcher...
I do not intend to spend time on implementing a NIO based dispatcher
before the plain one is complete, at least with a non-pipelining
implementation (1 thread per connection). Somebody else might jump
ahead and work on that before the plain IO dispatcher is complete,
but even then I guess that there are dependencies on my progress.

I am bound for another two months by lecturing. Then there are
almost three months in which I have to find a balance between
working on HttpComponents and enjoying the summer sun. The work
on HttpComponents will be distributed between HttpAsync and
some infrastructure stuff like build process or versioning,
which could affect HttpCore and therefore has a higher priority.
In October it's back to lecturing until the end of the year.

I have posted a medium term plan in March:
Step 1 is complete, step 4 is likely to see some progress in the
following weeks. Step 2 will lay dormant for another 2 months.
That's where we stand right now.


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