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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [HttpComponents] Moving forward
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 09:35:42 GMT
Hi Oleg,

> I want to suggest that we put on hold the plans to
> develop separate HttpCookie, HttpAuth, HttpConn modules for the time
> being and fold them into HttpClient until we see some demand for those
> modules to be developed and released independently. That should leave us
> with 5 modules to manage (HttpCore, HttpAsync, HttpNIO, HttpClient,
> NoRobots), which should be sustainable.

from a coding perspective, it should not be significantly more effort to
have several components instead of one. I assume that the problem is to
set up the new components with their own web(sub)site, subversion tree,
and JIRA project? It takes you several weekends to create a new component,
and creating three more would keep you from coding for another few months.

Is this assumption correct? Because if it is, I would suggest to not
give up our goal of having independent components at this time. It's
mainly a question of priorities and phrasing. Instead of removing the
stubs for the new components from the web site, we could simply add a

"Due to resource constraints, the code for HttpXxx will be developed
 and maintained as part of the HttpClient component, until somebody
 is willing to spend the effort of creating a separate component.
 Setting up a web site, subversion tree, and JIRA project takes many
 days. We currently prefer to invest this time into the code base."

If we keep the components separate from a design/conceptual perspective,
creating the missing components is just an administrative task that can
be done whenever somebody feels like it. If we officially fold these
components into HttpClient, factoring one of them out requires a new


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