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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: No Cookie when running FormLoginDemo
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 08:48:25 GMT
Hi John,

> What do you mean This bit is obviously the culprit.  Why don't the
> cookies match.  Sorry, if I'm asked a stupid question, but I'm new to
> this.

the Cookie Spec defines an algorithm for selecting the cookies that
are sent along with a request. That algorithm is based, among other
things, on the domain name and the URL path you are requesting.

> 2006/03/15 10:55:49:266 EST [DEBUG] header - ->> "Host:
> mlvv20oa[\r][\n]"

If you use a fully qualified hostname instead of just "mlvv20oa",
you have a better chance that the cookies will be sent back.
Actually, four cookies are accepted in response to the post,
as Oleg pointed out:

> The log clearly shows 4 cookies
> [DEBUG] HttpMethodBase - -Cookie accepted: "$Version=0;
> SmsWebSId=6668716B0B1B646D7A71720A006F1468761B0E607E6C7E7A67667668670407
> 6C7E6064157B70; $Path=/b0be-nta2-bin/"
> [DEBUG] HttpMethodBase - -Cookie accepted: "$Version=0;
> SmsWebView=1504111A; $Path=/b0be-nta2-bin/"
> [DEBUG] HttpMethodBase - -Cookie accepted: "$Version=0;
> SmsUrlInputParms=0"
> [DEBUG] HttpMethodBase - -Cookie accepted: "$Version=0; SmsWebSC=1;
> $Path=/b0be-nta2-bin/"

But your code doesn't print all cookies, it only prints cookies
that match the criteria:

> Cookie[] logoncookies = cookiespec.match(
> LOGON_SITE, LOGON_PORT, "/", false,
> client.getState().getCookies());

And none of the four does. Maybe you've got the wrong cookie spec,
or there's a typo in the definition of LOGON_SITE, or some other
minor flaw of that nature. Play around a bit.

You can also see from the log that the first GET request obtains
a session cookie, which is not sent back with the following POST.
Same reason.

hope that helps,

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