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From Ryan Smith <rsm...@livedatagroup.com>
Subject Re: Http components to Network components ?
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 15:17:22 GMT
Hi Roland ,

>There is some potential for generalizing things. A network layer is
>one example: SSL/TLS and SOCKS support for all network components.
>The HttpParams stuff is another example, or maybe commons-net has
>their own parameter framework which we'd have to merge.
>But generalizing and changing all network components to use the new
>APIs is a lot of work and even more discussion. Currently, Oleg is
>doing almost all the coding on HttpComponents and all on HttpClient,
>and I'm helping him a little with HttpComponents. Others are providing
>valuable feedback, reviews and suggestions, but they are not driving
>development. The two of us are not enough to come up with a complete
>HttpComponents in the near future, let alone to take over even more
>code that needs refactoring.
>Unless a whole bunch of active developers are moving over with the
>code, I am very much in disfavor of a change that would in essence
>mean generating plenty of work nobody will be doing.
>  Roland

What should i do first if I would like to offer help to the http 
components project?
I have time on the weekends to help doc or organize or refactor or 
interface or unit test or offer annoying suggestions , etc... LMK  
Thanks  :)


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