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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: [HttpCore] GZIP content compression in 'contrib' package
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 16:10:00 GMT
Hi Oleg,

I had a look at the GZIP content compression code. It's a good example
for using the request and response interceptors, and for implementing
content decompression.

In the *very* long run (not before we're running out of ideas what else
is missing), we should reconsider wether to offer content decompression
as part of the main package. I know that content handling is out of scope,
but decompression is merely dealing with content representation. We do
evaluate the charset attribute in the Content-Type occasionally, so we
are already in the content representation business. Since we're not
going to have the resources for implementing this anyway, I don't want
to start a discussion now. I just wanted to have it mentioned once :-)

>From the design point of view, I was surprised to see two different
entities for compression and decompression. We had a long discussion
about distinguishing incoming from outgoing entities and opted for a
symmetrical interface in the end. Now, the distinction is creeping
back in on the implementation level?

ResponseGzipCompress should have a short comment that it does not
attempt to cover the full complexity of the spec: qvalues (gzip;q=0),
wildcards or multiple Accept-Encoding headers.

Anyway, it is a good example as it is.


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