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From Roland Weber <http-as...@dubioso.net>
Subject Re: HttpComponents: entities and connections
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2006 21:26:30 GMT
Hi Oleg,

> Please do not get me wrong. This is not to discourage you from
> questioning the sanity of the existing design or to prevent you from
> evaluating alternatives or writing patches. I very much appreciate the
> fact that you take time to review the HttpCore API and identify weak
> points in the present code. Just this very particular issue does not
> seem to deserve all the cycles we have invested into it

I am not at all discouraged, nor will I stop questioning :-)
As I realized this morning, I had a misconception about the use and
importance of transfer encodings, which is now rectified. Even though
no code came out of this discussion, the learning experience for me
was well worth the time I invested. I hope to compensate you in the
future by using my now-increased knowledge to contribute better code ;-)

>> Remember my mail about preprocessing being done by the application
>> thread, while the sending is done by the background thread? The
>> preprocessing is done before the request ever gets queued. That's
>> in the good old tradition of detecting problems as early as possible:
>> requests that fail in preprocessing are not worthy to be queued.
>> The connection will be allocated at the other side of the queue.
>> Have a look at SimpleHttpDispatcher.sendRequest if you find the time.
> I will. However, I am still not entirely sold on the whole concept, but
> I am prepared to wait and see how things shape up.

Thanks. I am determined to bring things into a very good shape :-)

> We do not necessarily have to keep what is there. However, I do think
> that the transfer encoding code should not be treated the same way as
> the content encoding and that the transfer encoding code does not really
> belong to the request / response interceptor layer.

Fair. I am still a little wary of having several layers where headers
are modified and interpreted. But with the limited scope of chunked or
non-chunked, no other transport encodings required, I feel safe with
the design as it is.

> I do want to release
> the first ALPHA asap, because I see it as the only way to get more
> people looking at the code.

Yes, getting more people involved has a high priority for me too.

I'll try to round up the initial http-async code this week-end so I
can start to think about the notification interface in February.


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